Saturday, May 5, 2012

Front Page Description

While there will be a lot going on in the Fantasy Wrestling Game, you can catch all of the news and updates right here on the main page!

After each WWE show, an article will be posted showing what superstars that are being used here were affected from the show.  It will show the point status that each star received for their manager (you)!  The manager's points will be updated after each show and it will be easily tracked here!

Also, at the end of each week, a weekly article will be posted.  This article will highlight the shows once again and the manager's point status.  It's easy to see who is in the lead so others can make chances so they can catch up and take the lead!  The article will also show any trades that were made on Trading Day.  Everyone will be able to follow everything that is going on here in the Fantasy Wrestling Game!

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